The Spring Fair 2015: Exhibition Profile
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When is it?

1st – 5th of February 2015

What is it?

The Spring Fair is Europe’s leading presentation of gift and home products and the largest of its kind in the UK. The Spring Fair is where the retail industry comes to do its business every year. From independents to high profile brands, sole traders to global chains, visitors flock from the UK and abroad to source stock and place orders.

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6 Promotional Products You Should Never Brand
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What would an event be if it didn’t have copious amounts of promotional items? Marketers love to have fun with their products, and some seem to take it as a personal challenge to brand the weirdest items possible.

Although it might pay off to have something different from the competition, striving to be unique can result in failure just as quickly as success. Considering your audience is key: evaluate their lifestyles, mind sets and sense of humour to gauge what you should be providing. Remember, everything you hand it will have your company’s name on it. The last thing you want is people forming negative opinions of your brand name because you handed out shoddy gifts.

In case you’re still stuck on what to bring with you to your next show, we at Total Displays have comprised a handy list of products to avoid:

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7 Simple Tips to Maximise Your ROI
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There’s nothing quite like face-to-face sales. According to FaceTime, 93 per cent of marketers and business directors feel that face-to-face marketing is the most persuasive media channel. Successful exhibitors know that the competition around them is going to be fierce. Visitor habits have changed at exhibitions, too – the internet age has allowed much more information to be readily available online. That, combined with limited time and greater choice have results in a more savvy visitor.

Here at Total Displays we’re all about maximising the potential of your return on investment (ROI). We’ve devised 7 simple tips to ensure that you see the biggest return from your participation at any event and get those phones ringing in the aftermath.

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Total Displays at the Event Production Show 2015
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Total Displays are very excited to be part of the Event Production Show 2015.

At Total Displays we are very excited at the prospect of meeting current and new clients at the Event Production Show. Stop by our stands (EC28 & EC38) where our expert sales team will be there to guide you to the perfect solution to suit your display needs.

Total Displays will be showcasing some exciting design solutions all exclusive to the company. These include:

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Top 10 Exhibition Tips for 2015

  1. Set clear objectives
    1. Ensure you have a clear reason for attending the show.
    2. Ensure everyone on your stand is briefed on your objectives – have a morning show meeting and explain all of your goals.
    3. Set clear targets and goals for the show overall and for each sales person on your stand.
  1. Location, location, location
    1. Location is as important as the stand itself – if you don’t get the ideal location then negotiate the price down.
    2. The ideal location will depend on many factors – centre near the front is usually very good, but also being near seminar areas and other major exhibitors can also help.
    3. If budget allows then generally the more open sides the better.
  1. Plan, plan and plan some more
    1. Anything you forget and need on the day will cost you significantly more to hire – think power sockets, chairs, lights etc.
    2. If possible put the stand up prior to the show and test its flow and traffic capabilities. Also ensure that there are no issues with the graphics.
    3. If setting up your stand is not available prior then map out the stand on the floor and run through setup.
    4. Plan for where people should ideally stand, where product samples will go, where all the miscellaneous items such as literature, snacks and drinks, jackets etc. will go
    5. Ensure all sales literature is printed, accurate and ready well in advance.
    6. Look smart but wear comfortable clothing, especially shoes!


  1. Design an attractive, uncluttered stand within your brand guidelines
    1. Keep graphics clear and to the point – Don’t try and include everything you do on the graphics.
    2. Use the highest quality images you can – poor quality images will look pixelated when expanded and will detract from the appearance of the stand.
    3. Don’t clutter the stand – allow space for customers.
    4. Stand slightly away from your stand to allow people to see what you are advertising.
    5. Check height restrictions and where possible use the maximum height to separate yourselves from the crowd.
    6. Use our FREE no obligation design service to get the most from your stand.

Related: 5 Exhibition Blunders to Avoid at Your Event

  1. Promotion – pre-show, at-show, post-show
    1. Invite existing high quality clients to your stand.
    2. Work with show organisers to get a list of pre-registered attendees and contact them to let them know what you’re offering.
    3. Use the show organiser’s tools such as directory, inclusion in the show bags plus many more.
    4. Target attendees on the day with an exclusive offer for your products or services – give them a reason to buy today.
    5. Set deadlines for post show offers and remind clients of that.
  1. Use an “Exhibition Show Contact Sheet” (Don’t have one? Call us for a FREE template)
    1. Business cards get lost and conversations get forgotten, so ensure all sales staff record every lead they have on a form and these are stored centrally.
    2. Record as much info as you can to ensure an accurate follow up.


  1. Ensure you speak to as many people as possible
    1. Don’t stand in groups of sales people chatting to each other – people don’t wish to interrupt and will walk straight past.
    2. Avoid the “BADGE RADAR” and make eye contact before scanning the badge to pre-qualify them.
    3. DO NOT ask “May I help you?” – the answer will usually be “no thanks”. Ask open questions.
    4. Don’t judge a book by its cover – it only takes one big deal to make it all worthwhile, and that could be your next contact!
  1. Follow up, follow up, follow up!
    1. Consistent accurate follow up will be the difference between winning a sale and having a business card collection.
    2. Use the information from the Exhibition contact sheet to make an accurate proposal or an informed follow up (if you simply call and ask for the info again then there was no need talking to the client at the show).
    3. Make your follow up timely and in the right format – if the client said email them then don’t call them.
    4. If you promised to send some info to someone then deliver it.
  1. Have fun
    1. Exhibitions are hard work and long days on your feet so try and make the most of it.
    2. You generally look how you feel, so try and feel happy and upbeat and this will transmit in your interactions with potential clients.
  1. Monitor and measure
    1. Monitor the outcome from all the leads generated from the show.
    2. Measure the outcomes against your objectives identified in the first instance.
    3. Re-book based upon the results and not based on gut feeling or discounts offered.

If you’re still wondering how you can make the best out of your exhibitions in 2015 feel free to give us a call at Total Displays for completely free and impartial advice. Our expert team will do their best to prepare you for whatever event may be on the horizon.

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