Peterborough Audi

93# Providing Audi Peterborough a display to be proud of


Audi asked us to provide them with the tools to enhance their display and point of sale on their forecourt in Peterborough. They were looking for some inspiration in making their customer browsing experience easier and more eye-catching from the outset.

Total Displays are leaders in creating innovation and selection in the automotive industry with invaluable experience in car manufacturers, motor groups and main / independent dealers – so this was a great challenge for a fantastic brand.

When implemented correctly, quality point of sale and outdoor displays can really engage potential customers leading to increased sales and an improved conversion rate. With so many products available, it’s easy for establishments to jump quickly into the wrong product selection without any analysis on the associated costs, logistics and broader capabilities.


After visiting Audi to get a clear understanding of what was required, we provided suggestions to attract more footfall onto the forecourt and look professional in an extremely competitive environment. We provided a range of very specific products including feather flags, number plate covers and mirror hangers.

Peterborough Audi

Although it may sound obvious, a detailed plan is essential for maximizing opportunities available for optimal impact and improving customer experience.

For flags alone there are so many things to consider; weight, added stability, soft ground or hard ground bases, car base plates, wall-mounting, durability, show through, high quality image, material, wind resistance, transportation and appliqued graphics are amongst a few!

Flags may be a fairly standard display for organisations who can take advantage of having outdoor space to increase brand awareness but they are also the first thing a customer sees so it’s vital that the flags and flag poles give a great first impression and are the right choice. Is the branding on the flags consistent with other displays within the premises? Are the flags going to be used for representing brand and status, or are they for sales and marketing messages? They are a great tool for many uses but it must be thought through based on your existing image.


Enticing new customers, creating a more pleasurable experience and inspiring brand loyalty are three massive elements that are crucial to Audi, and it wasn’t hard to find ways to promote such a prestigious brand.

However, communicating the right messages isn’t always so easy. There are so many tips for choosing the right colours / contrast, trying to be a bit different from everyone else and knowing who your audience is.

That’s what we are here for. Total Displays have years’ worth of experience in providing the very best for our customers. We search, develop and source perfectly suited quality printed display solutions to each customer’s unique requirements. Whilst effectively communicating the right messages.

Optimal Return.

The result was instantly noticeable for Audi. Our customer commented:

This has made a massive difference to the site making it look vibrant and clean and the forecourt layout has improved to help customers understand what vehicles are what










But carefully following a brief isn’t all we can offer our customers; we also have a competitive price promise ensuring you get the best possible prices and fantastic customer service too.


Click here to see our range of flags or here for our selection of outdoor displays.

This isn’t’ all we offer, if you can’t see something specific, or just want to discuss other possibilities then please give us a call, our customer service sales and service team are ready to help. 0845 430 9092 /

Pop up Display

92# What is a pop up display?

We can tell you in great technical detail why one pop up display is better than another, explain why pop up stands are so popular with different clients, and provide a really long extensive list of where you can use them at different events and exhibitions… but maybe you are wondering what actually is a pop up display stand… and is it really that easy to use?

So, what is it?

Pop up stands are constructed of a concertina framework that pulls open (and can just as easily collapse down again). The frame then fixes together with magnetic bars and the graphics then easily attach with magnets.

Is it really quick to put up & take down?

Regardless of the size pop up stand you require, it really does only take minutes to set up, without any need for training, specialist stand contractors or tools.  Naturally, the first time you do this it might take you a little longer but it really is as straightforward as it sounds.

How do the graphics attach?

Pop up displays are all slightly different, but all will have magnetic strips running down the frame; some you have to attach, some are integrated into the framework. Either way, it’s not complicated and is simple to ‘pop’ together.

The graphics will have magnets on the back so they just have to be attached to the frame once it’s all set up. This is the trickiest bit, but only until you get the hang of it – everyone finds the easiest way and it only takes seconds when you do!

Pop up stand sizes explained

It’s common for pop up stands to be referred to as ‘3×3’ or ‘3×4’ etc. This is actually referring to the amount of frame sections wide by frame sections high, and not metres as commonly (and rather confusingly) is thought.

It’s easy to link frames together to create displays to bespoke configurations.

Take a look at our technical specification on the pop up display pages for pre-determined sizes, but if you know the size of your floor space – we are happy to work out what would be the best sized solution for you.

Curved, straight or other?

For most pop up displays you can choose between a curved and a straight shaped frame. The choice really does come down to personal preference or which may look better in its required space.

Other shapes are available such as ‘S’ shapes, ‘L’ shapes or even bespoke.

If you choose a straight pop up stand, remember to ask your supplier if stiffener bars are included to help keep the graphics aligned and looking professional.

Can I make a curved pop up display straight?

No. The curved angle is fixed and cannot be changed.

Can all pop up displays be double sided?

Most can. All pop up displays excluding the ‘L’ shaped system can be double sided.

Can I have a different height?

All standard pop up stands are 2225mm tall, which are the usual height requirement. However, we can provide custom sized pop ups on request, please call us for more details.

Are the graphics seamless?

Yes! If required we can offer some helpful hints and guidelines when producing your artwork to ensure that you can maximise all opportunities for your display… but all graphics are seamless and look extremely professional – probably one of the reasons why so many clients love them!

All our graphics are printed in-house on the highest quality media with expert print and finish. We guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

Are printed graphics included in the price?

Yes! All our prices that are stated on our website or included within a written / verbal quote will include quality printed graphics (unless otherwise stated). We will sell the frame and graphic panels separately if required – please contact us and we will provide you with a quote.

We have created some ‘bundles’ which include trolley cases which double as a counter, counter graphic wraps and lights. There are many different options available so if you aren’t sure which is the best for you, browse our site which should give you detail on what’s included or give us a call for more information and advice.

How many times can I use it?

Pop up stands can be used again and again. They are extremely durable and it’s common to have a number of different graphics for one pop up display depending on your event or sales & marketing requirement. Reprints are reasonably priced too!

What is a ‘D’ end?

A ‘D’ end is the graphic that wraps around both ends of the pop up frame, creating a ‘D’ shape.  When double sided, the artwork continues from the ‘D’ end onto the reverse of the frame and if single-sided the artwork finishes here but from the front gives a professional finish.

How would a pop up display be delivered to me?

Your pop up display will arrive ready-to-go, with the frame and quality graphics included in a hard trolley case.

How should I store my graphics?

After use, carefully lay the graphics flat on a clean surface / floor, and roll them with the print facing out. Graphics can then be stored in the hard trolley case.

How easy is it to add the lights?

The halogen lights are designed to complement a pop up stand perfectly and different styles are available. Click here to read more detail on the light specification.

LED lights are also available for certain systems as an option – please call us for more information.

To use the pop up light clip; attach the light to the clip, then attach the clip to one of the cross section bars of the frame – designed perfectly to fit to the specific framework the light will be held securely until you wish to take it down!

Where can I use my pop up display?

Pop up displays are perfect for trade shows, exhibitions, events, conferences, seminars, foyers, showrooms, offices and any indoor environment where you wish to showcase your brands marketing & sales messages.

Pop up display stands aren’t really suitable for outdoor use; however we have similar products which would work perfectly as an outdoor display, call us for more information.

5 things to ask your pop up stand supplier

Make sure there is a minimum 12 month warranty on hardware

Make sure graphics are printed on quality media which doesn’t allow light to show through

Make sure that included in your quote is hardware, graphics and a trolley case

Make sure the size of the pop up stand is correct for your floor space – advice can be sought from experts if you are unsure or would like confimation

Make sure they offer a comprehensive panel re-print service for additional quality graphics later at different events.

No designer? No problem!

We have a professional, experienced graphic design service available in-house so if you are looking for help from initial concept or even just some advice on where to start; give us a call and let us provide all the tools you need to create a great looking, professional pop up stand.


Click here to browse our extensive range of Xtreme pop up stands

Did your exhibition generate a return on investment?

91# Measuring ROI from exhibiting and event marketing

You’ve done your exhibition, followed up on your leads and all the stats are there telling you how important it is to continue exhibiting year after year. But are you getting a good return on your investment? Was it really all worth it? How successful was it for your business?

There is no specific strategy that will determine success and return on investment for every company, but some of your initial pre-determined objectives will help you to measure important data relating to it.

It is worth writing a post-exhibition report which would include financial costs, objectives and key performance indicators. Remember that not all results can be documented immediately as sales may take months to come through – but the report can be updated.

In addition to your report, it’s also beneficial after an exhibition or event to make a list of what you would do differently next time to make the process smoother or more efficient, it’s easy to forget!

1.       New Customers.

There won’t be many exhibitors out there who aren’t looking for new customers and driving more business! So arguably this is the most important metric that should be considered. If you don’t have software which enables you to associate customers with an original lead-source, then you can easily look back over the original list of people who you spoke to on your exhibition stand, or who completed an enquiry form on your website and track how many of those turned into customers purchasing your products or services. After this, you should look at the revenue generated from these customers.

2.       New leads.

Quite simply, you can count the number of new leads generated. If this is your primary goal, then it you should be using marketing software analytics tools with lead management techniques which will provide more of an insight into which offers or content specifically attracted and converted the most leads.

3.       Existing customers – relationships and closing deals.

You can easily track the revenue of add on sales to existing customers, or those who you finally meet and close the deal there and then. For building on relationships and customer testimonials, you should be monitoring the number of quality reviews that you obtain or the number of completed customer satisfaction surveys submitted. This will provide you with a good indication of positive feedback and customer insight.

4.       New product.

What feedback did you gain from new products featured / demonstrated? It’s crucial to consider both the positive and the negative feedback, as both will be important in building your new product launch strategy. Invaluable information should be documented and reviewed with your internal research and development team.

5.       SEO organic search and direct traffic.

Dig into your analytics and look at visits to your website. Your exhibition should promote brand awareness so traffic to your site either organically or through people directly typing in your URL should increase. If you sent visitors to a specific landing page – see if there was an increase before, during and after the show. This will help determine if your promotions that directed people to the landing page were successful.

6.       Social Media reach.

If you set social media goals, see if you reached the number of followers you anticipated on twitter, pins on pinterest, connections on Linkedin or fans on facebook. There are analytics and testing tools you can use for more detailed information on trending, but at the very least you should easily be able to see which social channel worked the best for you. This knowledge will help you in the future to prioritise your efforts for your next event.

Other indicators that you might consider:

  • PR – Editorial coverage and contacts gained with editors and journalists.
  • Competitive Intelligence & Industry Trends – Quality of information received during the exhibition.
  • Finding new distributors or partners – How many partners did you meet.
  • Customer education – Number of attendees at seminars or product demonstrations.
Speedy Delivery Service

90# Fast and Reliable Delivery Service from Total Displays

Has your exhibition crept up on you this year? Where has March gone you shout! Don’t panic, it’s not the first time we have heard this and chances are – we can help.

If you have artwork ready for your new 2014 graphic reprints, new pop ups, banner stands, shell scheme or other exhibition stand requirements, give us a call and we will do all we can to have it with you quickly before your next marketing trade event.

If your artwork isn’t ready, we can also provide a graphic design service; our experienced in-house graphic designers can help you achieve the best possible results with the latest professional design software exactly to your specification.

You can count on us – talk to us today about super-fast delivery or help with graphic design, we are here to help! Call 0845 430 9092 now.

Events are Great

89# BVEP – Events are GREAT Britain Report

According to a brand new study by the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) released on the 13th March, it’s been reported that the events industry is worth a huge £39.1 billion, up £3 billion since the last report in 2010.

The UK government invested £145 million into a report on the size and value of Britain’s events industry, its characteristics, trends, opportunities and key issues; here are some of their findings revealed:

  • Events account for 35% of the UK visitor economy.
  • Business events account for 30% of the UK visitor economy.
  • The events sector is served by 25,000 businesses employing 530,000 people.
  • UK exhibitions attract over 13 million visitors each year, generating £11 billion in spend.
  • In 2010, over 265,000 exhibitors participated in events, 20% from outside the UK.
  • International business travellers spend £611 per visit worth £4.4 billion annually – leisure visitor spend £583 per visit.
  • The conferences, meetings, incentives and exhibitions segments contributed a total of £21 billion to government tax revenues in 2011, accounting for 3.6% of UK tax revenues in that year.
  • The top 10 leading event agencies in the UK have a turnover of more than £2 billion.
  • Over £1 billion of new infrastructure investment is being stimulated by events.
  • In 2010 exhibitors spent £2.7 billion on goods and services to demonstrate at events.
  • There are over 1.3 million meetings held in the UK each year.
  • Statistics suggest that exhibitions and trade fairs are worth £11bn.
  • The UK is now recognised by Europe and the USA as a world leader in outdoor events, with many UK companies exporting their expertise.
  • The UK-driven Green Standard ISO20121 has been exported around the world as a benchmark of best practice.