Which exhibition?

96# How to Choose the Right Exhibition for Your Business

Optimising your business’s trade show prospects should always take precedent when you decide to embark upon a marketing campaign. Hundreds if not thousands of exhibitions are held in the UK every year for businesses (of all sizes) to take part in. For that reason alone, ensuring that you attend the right show for your business is paramount; failure to do so could result in a loss of both time and money.

Total Displays, one of the UK’s number one authorities (and suppliers) of high quality displays, point of sale (POS) stands and much, much more  aim to help you figure out ‘How to Choose the Right Exhibition for Your Business’ in this article.

What Type of Event is it?

On the whole, there are two types of tradeshow events – specialised and broad. Specialised events will be tailored to a specific industry, audience or theme while broad (as you might’ve guessed) are generally larger in scale and encapsulate a range of different sectors. Depending upon your company’s exhibition goals, either event type comes bundled with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a specialist event

  • The probability of acquiring new contacts is a lot higher as you’re surrounded by attendees who are involved within that industry.
  • You can learn a great deal about your business’s strengths and overlooked weaknesses at a trade show of this nature. This can then be used to improve marketing campaigns in the future.

Disadvantages of a specialist event

  • If you’re looking to heavily market your business or brand then a specialist event like this probably isn’t the best place to be. This is mainly due to the fact that you’re likely to find yourself rubbing shoulders with your competitors.
  • A specialised event is usually smaller in scale which means that the scope of attendees is equally as limited.

 Advantages of a broad event

  • An event of this type is far more suited to companies with marketing goals in mind. They provide a great platform for businesses to showcase their products, services and brand to a much more diverse audience.
  • A broader trade show event offers up a wealth of opportunities for companies to take advantage of. Business to Business and Business to Consumer are most definitely fair game.

Disadvantages of a broad event

  • Due to the large scale of the event it becomes far more likely that you’ll be overlooked by attendees if your exhibition display isn’t top notch.
  • The longer the trade show is, the more expensive the commitment. This is something that could greatly discourage or adversely affect smaller firms from attending.

Who Else is Attending?

It is relatively easy to find out the types of people attending events, as organisers will usually broadcast this information using social media sites and their own exhibitor list on their website. This is the perfect time for a company to gauge the level of investment and potential interest.

How Popular is this Event?

It’s a good idea to do some research prior to the event to find out how popular the event actually is. By determining the supposed level of interest beforehand you can prepare the appropriate resources accordingly.

Is this Particular Show a Worthwhile Investment?

Embarking on a tradeshow event is no easy feat and can prove costly in terms of time, resources and money. That’s why it’s vitally important to establish your reasons for attending and furthermore, establishing that they are entirely justified. Companies planning on going to a tradeshow should consider the following costs:

Travel – Getting you, your staff, equipment and extras to and from the event can be expensive, especially if your premises are far from the venue.

Exhibition Cost – Costs tend to differ from event to event, so it’s always a good idea to pick your battles (well rather tradeshows) wisely. Can you see the potential ROI after you’ve taken into account all of the costings associated?

Extras – It’s also important to take into account extras like food, drink and emergency funding should the worst happen.

Final Decision

As you can see, finding the right exhibition to attend requires more thought than many would actually consider let alone believe. By taking all of this account you’re far more likely to make a more informed choice rather than an impulsive one.

And there you have it, Total Displays’ ‘How to choose the right exhibition’. To find out more information on any of Total Displays’ goods or services browse our website or contact us via the options available.

do's and don'ts

95# The Do’s and Don’ts for an effective exhibition stand

Creating the perfect exhibition stand isn’t rocket science, but it does require a considerable amount of time and common sense. In this article we will give all you budding expo enthusiasts a clear and concise overview of good practices and even greater pitfalls when it comes to an effective exhibition stand.

DON’T OVER DO IT. Many exhibitors fall into the trap of laying all their cards (well products) on the table. This is a big no no. The temptation to splash your logo over every square inch of your display is something you must overcome! 9 times out of 10 a simpler design is the best approach. A booth chock-full of displays, products, stands etc will turn off prospective attendees as they gaze upon your corner of clutter.

DO FOCUS ON YOUR MESSAGE. Bombarding attendees with every offer, slogan and policy under the sun is a sure fire way of alienating them and you.  Keep your message clear and simple. A concise message will showcase exactly what your company is about, without the fear of confusing people.

DON’T RELY PURELY ON STATIC DISPLAYS. A tasteful contrast between fixed and interactive display types will catch people’s attention. Usually companies will play their visual displays on loop on a widescreen television.

DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure you do plenty of research prior to an event. Doing so will ensure you have a good idea of the types of clients, investors and firms in attendance. This also allows you to tailor your pitch to suit the event accordingly. It may be a good idea, if at all possible, to survey the premises prior to the event to get a proper feel for where you’ll be. It’s also worth researching successful firms of previous years to see if you can translate their success into your own campaign.

DON’T SPEND WHAT YOU CAN’T AFFORD. Investing in your exhibition display is no doubt crucial, but it’s also important to recognise your limits. Success at a trade show is never guaranteed, so it would be naïve to assume that just because your company has thrown money at an event that instant success will follow. Knowing your limits and learning to utilise what you have to work with shows a higher level of industry intelligence and savviness.

DO SHOW YOUR BEST. Instead of hauling your entire product line to a tradeshow, you’re better off showcasing the very cream of your product crop. New and top-selling products are far easier to get enthused about compared to a product which is run of the mill.

And there you have it, Total Display’s ‘Do’s and Don’ts for an effective exhibition stand’, armed with this knowledge we’re sure you’ll have a cracking show! For more information regarding any of total Display’s products, goods or services please browse our website or contact us via the options available.

exhibition stands

94# 5 Things a Display Brings to any Exhibition, Event or Expo

Here at Total Displays we recognise that a great display can be the difference between make or break. So when we hear about people who don’t use them we are (to put it lightly) shocked! Having a well thought out, presented and clear exhibition display will not only help make your pitch, advertisement or meeting seem far more professional, but far more likely to succeed.

A professional looking display will help to boost your prospects at any trade event; this article will delve even deeper to uncover the ‘5 things a display brings to any exhibition, event or expo.’

5. Aesthetics

Exhibition and pop up displays are incredibly powerful marketing tools, serving up a wealth of advantages, both obvious and overlooked. When executed well, a pop up display can leave event goers talking way after the event has ended. A successful marketing campaign will balance the need for information with aesthetics. In addition, fully utilising the space available with unique designs and layouts (that compliment your brand of course), will help to relieve some of the pressure on the pitching staff. A well designed exhibition display will also demonstrate that your company understands the importance of appearance and presentation.

4. Brand Awareness

A display stand can act as a powerful marketing tool and that is why it’s crucial to competently promote your business, your brand and your services. A pop up stand done properly will indeed do this. Conscious placement of your business’s name, slogan and products will ensure people remember who you are, what you do and why you do it.

3. Economical Advertisement

A great pop up display doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. Regardless of your company’s size or budget, the cost shouldn’t cast a huge shadow over how you approach a marketing campaign. Pop up displays and accessories are an incredibly affordable solution. A company who works outside the box, invests time and resources into a campaign will have a better chance of fulfilling their trade show goals (possibly exceeding them), IF they make an all-round contribution rather than a monetary one. Another great thing about pop up stands is that they are reusable – a money saver indeed!

2. Simple Functionality

Thankfully it doesn’t take a uni degree to work an exhibition stand. Stands are incredibly easy to set up and disassemble without the hassle of having to use any technical equipment or tools. Transporting a display is also simple due to their light and portable components – making them ideal for a quick re/deconstruction if you’re pushed for time. Storing your display stand couldn’t be easier.

1. Business

The whole reason you’re attending a trade show event or exhibition is to attract business, clients and fresh leads. A dynamic display will more than likely achieve all of these things and more. Firms who make a sensible investment in their presentational campaign, stand to reap greater rewards than those who do the bare minimum. Potential investors wanting to catch a glimpse of your wares will flock to you if you’ve managed to cover all the exhibition stand bases.

And there you have it, Total Displays’ ‘5 Things a Display Brings to any Exhibition’, armed with this knowledge we’re sure you’ll have a successful show! For more information regarding displays, point of sale products or our services in general, please browse our website or contact us via the options available.

Peterborough Audi

93# Providing Audi Peterborough a display to be proud of


Audi asked us to provide them with the tools to enhance their display and point of sale on their forecourt in Peterborough. They were looking for some inspiration in making their customer browsing experience easier and more eye-catching from the outset.

Total Displays are leaders in creating innovation and selection in the automotive industry with invaluable experience in car manufacturers, motor groups and main / independent dealers – so this was a great challenge for a fantastic brand.

When implemented correctly, quality point of sale and outdoor displays can really engage potential customers leading to increased sales and an improved conversion rate. With so many products available, it’s easy for establishments to jump quickly into the wrong product selection without any analysis on the associated costs, logistics and broader capabilities.


After visiting Audi to get a clear understanding of what was required, we provided suggestions to attract more footfall onto the forecourt and look professional in an extremely competitive environment. We provided a range of very specific products including feather flags, number plate covers and mirror hangers.

Peterborough Audi

Although it may sound obvious, a detailed plan is essential for maximizing opportunities available for optimal impact and improving customer experience.

For flags alone there are so many things to consider; weight, added stability, soft ground or hard ground bases, car base plates, wall-mounting, durability, show through, high quality image, material, wind resistance, transportation and appliqued graphics are amongst a few!

Flags may be a fairly standard display for organisations who can take advantage of having outdoor space to increase brand awareness but they are also the first thing a customer sees so it’s vital that the flags and flag poles give a great first impression and are the right choice. Is the branding on the flags consistent with other displays within the premises? Are the flags going to be used for representing brand and status, or are they for sales and marketing messages? They are a great tool for many uses but it must be thought through based on your existing image.


Enticing new customers, creating a more pleasurable experience and inspiring brand loyalty are three massive elements that are crucial to Audi, and it wasn’t hard to find ways to promote such a prestigious brand.

However, communicating the right messages isn’t always so easy. There are so many tips for choosing the right colours / contrast, trying to be a bit different from everyone else and knowing who your audience is.

That’s what we are here for. Total Displays have years’ worth of experience in providing the very best for our customers. We search, develop and source perfectly suited quality printed display solutions to each customer’s unique requirements. Whilst effectively communicating the right messages.

Optimal Return.

The result was instantly noticeable for Audi. Our customer commented:

This has made a massive difference to the site making it look vibrant and clean and the forecourt layout has improved to help customers understand what vehicles are what










But carefully following a brief isn’t all we can offer our customers; we also have a competitive price promise ensuring you get the best possible prices and fantastic customer service too.


Click here to see our range of flags or here for our selection of outdoor displays.

This isn’t’ all we offer, if you can’t see something specific, or just want to discuss other possibilities then please give us a call, our customer service sales and service team are ready to help. 0845 430 9092 / contact@total-displays.com

Pop up Display

92# What is a pop up display?

We can tell you in great technical detail why one pop up display is better than another, explain why pop up stands are so popular with different clients, and provide a really long extensive list of where you can use them at different events and exhibitions… but maybe you are wondering what actually is a pop up display stand… and is it really that easy to use?

So, what is it?

Pop up stands are constructed of a concertina framework that pulls open (and can just as easily collapse down again). The frame then fixes together with magnetic bars and the graphics then easily attach with magnets.

Is it really quick to put up & take down?

Regardless of the size pop up stand you require, it really does only take minutes to set up, without any need for training, specialist stand contractors or tools.  Naturally, the first time you do this it might take you a little longer but it really is as straightforward as it sounds.

How do the graphics attach?

Pop up displays are all slightly different, but all will have magnetic strips running down the frame; some you have to attach, some are integrated into the framework. Either way, it’s not complicated and is simple to ‘pop’ together.

The graphics will have magnets on the back so they just have to be attached to the frame once it’s all set up. This is the trickiest bit, but only until you get the hang of it – everyone finds the easiest way and it only takes seconds when you do!

Pop up stand sizes explained

It’s common for pop up stands to be referred to as ‘3×3’ or ‘3×4’ etc. This is actually referring to the amount of frame sections wide by frame sections high, and not metres as commonly (and rather confusingly) is thought.

It’s easy to link frames together to create displays to bespoke configurations.

Take a look at our technical specification on the pop up display pages for pre-determined sizes, but if you know the size of your floor space – we are happy to work out what would be the best sized solution for you.

Curved, straight or other?

For most pop up displays you can choose between a curved and a straight shaped frame. The choice really does come down to personal preference or which may look better in its required space.

Other shapes are available such as ‘S’ shapes, ‘L’ shapes or even bespoke.

If you choose a straight pop up stand, remember to ask your supplier if stiffener bars are included to help keep the graphics aligned and looking professional.

Can I make a curved pop up display straight?

No. The curved angle is fixed and cannot be changed.

Can all pop up displays be double sided?

Most can. All pop up displays excluding the ‘L’ shaped system can be double sided.

Can I have a different height?

All standard pop up stands are 2225mm tall, which are the usual height requirement. However, we can provide custom sized pop ups on request, please call us for more details.

Are the graphics seamless?

Yes! If required we can offer some helpful hints and guidelines when producing your artwork to ensure that you can maximise all opportunities for your display… but all graphics are seamless and look extremely professional – probably one of the reasons why so many clients love them!

All our graphics are printed in-house on the highest quality media with expert print and finish. We guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

Are printed graphics included in the price?

Yes! All our prices that are stated on our website or included within a written / verbal quote will include quality printed graphics (unless otherwise stated). We will sell the frame and graphic panels separately if required – please contact us and we will provide you with a quote.

We have created some ‘bundles’ which include trolley cases which double as a counter, counter graphic wraps and lights. There are many different options available so if you aren’t sure which is the best for you, browse our site which should give you detail on what’s included or give us a call for more information and advice.

How many times can I use it?

Pop up stands can be used again and again. They are extremely durable and it’s common to have a number of different graphics for one pop up display depending on your event or sales & marketing requirement. Reprints are reasonably priced too!

What is a ‘D’ end?

A ‘D’ end is the graphic that wraps around both ends of the pop up frame, creating a ‘D’ shape.  When double sided, the artwork continues from the ‘D’ end onto the reverse of the frame and if single-sided the artwork finishes here but from the front gives a professional finish.

How would a pop up display be delivered to me?

Your pop up display will arrive ready-to-go, with the frame and quality graphics included in a hard trolley case.

How should I store my graphics?

After use, carefully lay the graphics flat on a clean surface / floor, and roll them with the print facing out. Graphics can then be stored in the hard trolley case.

How easy is it to add the lights?

The halogen lights are designed to complement a pop up stand perfectly and different styles are available. Click here to read more detail on the light specification.

LED lights are also available for certain systems as an option – please call us for more information.

To use the pop up light clip; attach the light to the clip, then attach the clip to one of the cross section bars of the frame – designed perfectly to fit to the specific framework the light will be held securely until you wish to take it down!

Where can I use my pop up display?

Pop up displays are perfect for trade shows, exhibitions, events, conferences, seminars, foyers, showrooms, offices and any indoor environment where you wish to showcase your brands marketing & sales messages.

Pop up display stands aren’t really suitable for outdoor use; however we have similar products which would work perfectly as an outdoor display, call us for more information.

5 things to ask your pop up stand supplier

Make sure there is a minimum 12 month warranty on hardware

Make sure graphics are printed on quality media which doesn’t allow light to show through

Make sure that included in your quote is hardware, graphics and a trolley case

Make sure the size of the pop up stand is correct for your floor space – advice can be sought from experts if you are unsure or would like confimation

Make sure they offer a comprehensive panel re-print service for additional quality graphics later at different events.

No designer? No problem!

We have a professional, experienced graphic design service available in-house so if you are looking for help from initial concept or even just some advice on where to start; give us a call and let us provide all the tools you need to create a great looking, professional pop up stand.


Click here to browse our extensive range of Xtreme pop up stands